IngDan Academy|| 300 New Skilled Workers this year
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IngDan Academy Plans to Cultivate 300 New Skilled Workers in the Chip Industry, in Partnership with the Shenzhen Government this Year

 (June 18, 2021 - Hong Kong) Cogobuy Group (“Cogobuy” or the “Company”, stock code: 400.HK; with its subsidiaries (the “Group”)) is pleased to announce the "lngDan Academy" of the Shenzhen IngDan Institute of Microelectronics, recently hosted the opening ceremony for its Shenzhen public vocational skills program, the first installment of which will focus on applied chip technology training. The program is a partnership between the Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and the Public Training and Management Service Center for Skilled Talent (“Gaoxun Center”), held at the Chip Application Innovation Center in the Mircosoft Cogobuy Buildingin Nanshan on June 5.


Attending the ceremony was Ms. Gao Dongchun, the deputy director of Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau; Mr. Sun Huaizhong, the director of the Shenzhen Foreign Affairs Office; Mr. Sha Xinhua, the deputy inspector of Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission; Mr. Liu Tiejiang, the director of Shenzhen Gaoxun Center; Mr. Kang Chunhua, the director of Shenzhen National High Tech Industry Innovation Center; Mr. Jeffrey Kang, CEO of Cogobuy Group; Mr.He Jiawei, general manager of Intel (China) Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch; and Mr. Gao Yu, general manager of Technology Department of Intel (China) Co., Ltd., all of whom came to show their support for the new skills development program.


50 students participated in the IngDan Academy’s first training module, Intel Universal CPU Chip-based AI Model Development, Deployment, and Optimization, which covered robot development, advanced QT, motherboard R&D, and embedded software development, and involves UBtech Robotics, iBotn, Jieshun Technology, Zhiruitong, and other upstream and downstream tech companies in the chip industry. After the program’s completion, students will have the ability to build a development platform for AI model training and deployment, good command of optimizing OpenVINO tools and deploying AI models, and the ability to apply models to an Intel CPU to meet edge AI computing application needs. The training program will improve students’ professional skills, which in turn will broaden their career path and scope. Through the program, students will gain some of the necessary qualifications for positions like senior computer vision engineer, AI application engineer, AI product manager, and other advanced technical roles.


Cultivating New Talent for Chip Application Technology is Imperative to Advancing Shenzhen’s Chip Industry

With the rapid growth of chip markets, there is a need for cultivating more high-quality chip professionals in Shenzhen to improve its integrated circuit industry and meet the government’s innovation-driven plan. The training is also a key part of a greater strategy to ensure the leading position among growing global science and technology competition.


Ms. Gao Dongchun, Deputy Director of the Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, said, "The public vocational skills training program, jointly held by the Gaoxun Center and IngDan Academy, has actively responded to the PRC government’s national appeal, as well as chip market demands. The program is also a good trial of government-enterprise cooperation, which fully utilizes the resources of both to build up Shenzhen’s chip talent training innovative platform."


Shenzhen is expected to establish a competitive integrated circuit cluster by 2023. Fast growth in the chip industry, a significant increase in design and manufacturing, and improvements in independent innovation are poised to create a series of technological breakthroughs, backbone enterprises, and innovation platforms. These advantages in core products and technologies will help Shenzhen reach a better strategic position faster, and with better quality.


IngDan Academy Cultivates Talent and Offers High-quality Training for the Chip Application Industry

There is currently a shortage of chip talent in China, especially those with skills for high-end applications. Analysts report that the gap for professional chip talent will be nearly 250,000 workers in China by 2022. To help foster new skilled chip professionals, the Ministry of Education began developing more disciplines and majors to support strategic emerging industries. In early 2019, Comtech, a leader in the chip industry, also began exploring the development of chip supply chains and the cultivation of highly skilled chip application talent to meet market needs.


Mr. He Jiawei, General Manager of Intel (China) Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch, said, “The gap in chip application professionals has become more prominent with the rapid development of the AI industry. Intel cooperated with Cogobuy to cultivate new technology talent in the domestic chip industry by establishing the technical standard, developing courses, providing teachers and equipment, adopting training, and conducting examination and certification through IngDan Academy. We are pleased to be working with the frontline IoT companies and personnel who need to apply chips and related technologies, providing them with the latest software and hardware technologies to help them develop rapidly, in order to promote the development of the chip application industry.”


Mr. Jeffrey Kang, CEO of Cogobuy Group, said, “From the perspective of the development of China's semiconductor industry, integrating production and education has broken through the bottleneck of chip talent training. From chips to application solutions, Comtech's technology has empowered traditional chip businesses. Meanwhile, IngDan Academy is promoting the development of the chip application industry by utilizing the Group's resource advantages in the chip industry, introducing world-leading technologies, and cultivating new chip application technology professionals for the domestic chip industry. With the support from the Shenzhen Municipal Government’s policies promoting the deep integration of education and industry, and chip professionals from IngDan Academy, Shenzhen is well-positioned to become the industrial center for chip application production. We expected to cultivate 300 chip application engineers this year alone.”


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