PMIC 电源管理解决方案

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类型 型号 厂商 说明
Power IC MC13892JVLR2 Freescale PowerManagement Control IC


MC13892 is a Power Management and User Interface component for Freescale’s i.MX51, i.MX37, i.MX35 and i.MX27 application processors, targeting personal media players and personal navigation devices. The MC13892 integrates many discrete functions into one IC. It incorporates, a battery charging system including USB charging and wall charging, 10 Bit ADC plus Coulomb counter for battery chargefuel gauging, 4 adjustable buck converters for powering processor core and memory, and 12 adjustable LDO’s with internal/external pass devices. It also includes 2 boost converters for LCD backlighting and RGB LED driving, serial backlighting drivers for display, and keypad and RGB LED drivers. The MC13892 incorporates power control logic with processor interfacing and event detection, Real time clock and critical oscillator circuitry with coin cell backup and support, for external secure RTC on a companion processor IC device. It incorporates SPI and I2C interfacing. Touch Screen interface circuitry – all incorporated into a highly integrated mixed signal IC. It is intended for interfacing with Freescale i.MX processors or any other device – system needing a highly integrated, bi-directional power management, I/O, and communications device.

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